LEED Information

Sustainable. Renewable. Biophilic. Living Buildings. Ecosystems. Green.

These are just some of the words spilling forth daily into the lives of each and every one of us. It signals positive changes in a world that has become environmentally conscious of our planetary home.

Products. As a business we take great care protecting our environment and it reflects in our full line of containers which meet or exceed LEED guidelines. Solid bamboo containers make the grade as a rapidly renewable material. Sexy, strong, natural, durable and long-lasting in most interior settings, they bring in LEED credit under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials. Along with all our other LEED certified containers, it is simple to make this world a better place with renewable products.

Plants. The green wave of plants is spilling forth into architectural and interior designs, with biophilia paving the way. Biophilia is a necessary component of human health. It signals something inside our own biology that desires to commune with nature every day. And we provide just that with our plants.

Benefits. Buildings are lifeless without sunlight streaming through the windows or plants nestled in strategic areas. The benefits alone are staggering when potted plants are introduced into a home or workplace. Air quality improves. Stress is reduced. One study found significant productivity gains, less absenteeism, less health problems and a better sense of well-being were reported from employees working with plants in their environment.

Plantscapers. As a company that nurtures, promotes, and provides green living plants for homes and businesses, we are confident we’ve met the ultimate of all guidelines when it comes to promoting natural products – Mother Nature herself.

Plants. For health, for beauty, and for sustainable, renewable, green living areas.